Tip to Fix Smartphone Flashlight

Tip to Fix Smartphone Flashlight

Don’t freak out if your Android’s flashlight stops working because there’s a strong chance that it’s not a hardware problem. Phone flashlights are rather durable, so unless you’ve pounded one with a hammer, you usually won’t have any hardware issues with them. 

Several things can be faulty leading to flashlight issues. Therefore, there is no one fix for this issue either. However, in this blog, there are some tips and tricks that you can use yourself. 

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How to Fix Smartphone Flashlight Guide By Repair Experts 

  1. Switch Off the Phone

Switching off the phone has helped solve this issue numerous times. A quick reboot should resolve any conflicts between a specific app and the flashlight. 

Simply keep the power button pressed while choosing “Power Off” from the menu. Then, switch it back on after waiting 10 to 15 seconds. In most instances, this ought to resolve the issue.

If the issue does not resolve after this, try connecting to a smartphone repair in Jacksonville. 

  1. Delete Data on the Camera App

Resetting the camera app data might help, especially if the flashlight isn’t functioning at all while capturing photos or recording movies. What to do is as follows:

  • Tap “Applications” in the phone’s “Settings” menu.
  • Look for “Camera” here and choose it.
  • Next, select “Storage” and then “Clear data.”

Your camera app will be reset, which can also resolve the flashlight issue.

Note: All of your camera app settings will be reset throughout this procedure, so you will need to make your preferred changes once more.

  1. Test out Android in Safe Mode

Like other operating systems, Android offers a safe mode that stops other software from interfering with phone operations. If a specific app is preventing the flashlight from functioning, it should function in safe mode.

There isn’t just one technique to enter safe mode on an Android device; instead, consult a phone repair store in Jacksonville to learn the steps needed. Turn on the flashlight from the notification bar button and the camera app once you are in safe mode.

A freshly installed app must be interfering with the flashlight if it starts operating in safe mode. To identify the offender, simply remove each newly installed software individually.

  1. Reset the Settings of the App

Another option is that you misconfigured an app’s preferences, which could make the flashlight useless. App preferences can include default apps, disabled apps, and app permissions, among other things. Resetting app preferences is as follows:

  • Tap “Applications” in the phone’s “Settings” menu.
  • Select “Reset app preferences” by tapping the menu with three vertical dots in the top-right corner of the screen. Resetting your app preferences requires you to confirm the prompt.

All of your settings will be reset if you have disabled unnecessary apps and established custom app permissions. After this process, you will need to manage all of your options again. A professional at an electronics repair in Jacksonville can do it more effortlessly.

  1. Switch to a Flashlight App

Using a third-party app may help fix the flashlight issue if the notification bar button isn’t working. On the Google Play Store, there are several flashlight apps, however, we suggest that you try the Android app called Flashlight. The app operates without any shady requests for permission and is quite slick. Ads, though, will be a problem.

The following suggestion on this list should correct any software bugs if utilizing a third-party app resolves the problem. If the flashlight still doesn’t work, take help from a phone repair store.

  1. Performing a Factory Reset

Although it is a bold step, it will be the last resort if nothing else works. Your phone’s reset will erase all of your data and reset all of your preferences. This will update your phone and resolve almost any software problems that might be preventing your Android flashlight from functioning.

Back up your vital data on your phone before you reset it to prevent data loss. Once that’s completed, adhere to the guidelines below:

  • Select the “General Management” option under “Settings” on the phone, then tap “Reset.”
  • Select “Factory data reset” and then select “Reset device” from the menu that appears.

Your Android device will restart after the reset, which should take 5 to 10 minutes. You’ll have to set up your phone again when it’s been reset.


If the methods mentioned above don’t do the job, take help from computer repair in Jacksonville. Boss City Depot Inc would be the best choice because of its expertise and quality services. We have all the necessary equipment and software to diagnose the problem in your smartphones. Therefore, we come up with prompt solutions.