Laptop Broken Screen

Pros and Cons of Repairing Laptop Broken Screen

Laptop screens tend to break very easily, even with a slight increase in pressure. If there is some damage to the laptop, there is a chance that it may completely lose its screen. Sometimes, after damage, there are some lines and dots left on the screen. A broken laptop screen can be a frustrating experience for anyone, especially if you rely on your device for work or school.
It’s important to take quick action to repair or replace the screen to prevent further damage to the device or potential loss of data.

Computer Repair Technician Gives Best Options for Broken Laptop Screens

In this blog, we will discuss the options for broken laptop screens by computer repair technicians and the pros and cons of each.

Manufacturer Repair

If your laptop is still under warranty, the first option is to contact the manufacturer for repair. Most laptop manufacturers offer a limited warranty that covers hardware issues, including broken screens. However, if the damage is caused by accidental damage, such as dropping the device, it may not be covered under the warranty.
If your laptop is not under warranty, you can still contact the manufacturer for repair, but it may be costly. In addition, the repair process by a technician at a computer repair shop can take several weeks, and you may have to ship the laptop to the manufacturer for repair.


● Covered under warranty if the laptop is still under warranty
● Manufacturer repair can ensure the use of genuine parts
● High-quality repair service


● Costly if not under warranty
● Repair process can take several weeks
● May have to ship the laptop for repair

Local Repair Shop

Another option is to take your laptop to a local electronics repair shop. Local repair shops can replace your broken screen with a new one. The cost of screen replacement varies depending on the laptop model and the repair shop.
Before choosing a repair shop, make sure to read reviews and ask for recommendations from friends or family members. It’s important to choose a reputable repair shop that has experience with your laptop model.


● Lower cost than manufacturer repair
● Faster repair time than manufacturer repair
● Can choose a reputable repair shop


● Quality of repair may not be as good as manufacturer repair
● May not use genuine parts
● No warranty for the repair

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DIY Screen Replacement

If you are comfortable with repairing your laptop yourself, you can replace the screen yourself. However, it’s important to note that replacing a laptop screen is a complex process and requires technical expertise. You can find tutorials online on how to replace the screen on your laptop model.
Before attempting to replace the screen yourself, make sure to purchase a replacement screen that is compatible with your laptop model.


● Lower cost than manufacturer repair or local repair shop
● Can choose the quality of the replacement screen
● Satisfaction of repairing your laptop yourself


● Risk of further damage to the laptop if not done correctly
● Can be a complex process
● No warranty for the repair

External Monitor

If none of the above options are feasible for you, you can use an external monitor to connect to your laptop. An external monitor can be connected to your laptop using a VGA, HDMI, or DisplayPort cable.


● Lower cost than repairing or replacing the screen
● Can continue using the laptop while saving money for a new device
● Can use a larger screen than the laptop screen


● Mobility is limited as the laptop needs to be connected to the external monitor
● Requires an additional monitor

Buy a New Laptop

If your laptop is old and the cost of repair or replacement is high, it may be time to buy a new laptop. A new laptop will come with a warranty and the latest hardware and software features.
Before purchasing a new laptop, make sure to do research and choose a laptop that meets your needs and budget.


● Latest hardware and software features
● Comes with a warranty
● Can choose a laptop that meets your needs and budget


● Cost of a new laptop can be high
● Need to transfer data from the old laptop to the new laptop

To Wrap it Up!

The solutions given above can help you get the most benefit out of what you have already. In this way, you can save yourself from the convenience hassle that you might experience due to the complete loss of your computer.