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How To Fix PC Freezing While Gaming: Help From Computer Repair

Do you have trouble playing games on your PC because it freezes suddenly? Well, don’t worry, we have got your back. In this article, we will talk about how to fix PC freezing while gaming. We will help you with the best possible solutions to avoid PC freezing problems so that you can enjoy smooth gaming experiences. With these solutions, you can fix this issue yourself at home. If you still have the issue, seek professional help from computer repair in Jacksonville. You can hire professional computer repair services from Boss City Depot Inc if looking for the most reliable and affordable services. We have expert technicians who will do a detailed analysis of your PC and figure out the issue causing the freezing problem.

Computer Repair Solutions To Fix PC Freezing While Gaming

These are some great solutions you can consider for fixing the freezing issue in your PC while gaming. You can adjust the in-game settings and keep them low to avoid extra load on your computer. Moreover, you can also consider updating your drivers for better performance. Clear your temporary files to remove junk, and run a memory check to ensure you are not overloading your computer. Moreover, make sure to adjust the size of your virtual memory and run a system file checker. Another possible solution to fix the computer freezing issue is to look for viruses and malware in your PC. You can also hire computer repair in Jacksonville for technical help.

Lower In-Game Settings

A system’s specific requirements must be fulfilled to enjoy smooth gaming performance. If your system is according to the game’s minimum requirements, you can decrease the in-game settings. This will help unfreeze your computer and let you enjoy a smooth gaming experience.

Update Your Drivers

Another main problem that causes system freezing while gaming is outdated or missing device drivers. Make sure to update your system drivers, paying special attention to your chipset drivers and the graphic cards. This will improve the gaming performance of the system. You can also get professional help from electronics repair in Jacksonville if you need help updating your drivers.

Clear Your Temp Files

The next solution is to clear your temporary files to make enough space for the efficient performance of your system. Press the Windows key on the keyboard and the R key simultaneously to start a run box. Type in temporary and click on enter. Choose the files that you are ready to delete and delete them.

Run A Memory Check

An overloaded computer will also not be able to perform efficiently and meet your high-end gaming needs. Open a Run box and Type in mdsched.exe, then click on enter. To immediately run the check, click Restart now and look for the problems. For running the check later, choose the check for problems next time. If no problem is detected, then there is no issue with your memory card. Look for other solutions, then.

Adjust The Size Of Your Virtual Memory

The extension of the physical memory of the computer is called virtual memory. It includes both your hard drive and the RAM. If there is insufficient RAM storage on your system while playing a game, your system will temporarily switch to virtual memory for saving files. If the virtual memory is inadequate to meet your temporary file storage needs, this might cause computer freezing issues. Get help from a computer and cell phone repair store if you cannot choose the most appropriate size for your virtual memory. Their technical experts will adjust the most compatible size for you.

Run System File Checker

Run the Command Prompt as administrator and type SFC/scannow. Then click on enter. This will start the scan and detect system file issues in your computer. Restart your computer and see if the problem has been fixed.

Check For Viruses And Malware

You can take the help of different online virus detection programs or software to detect viruses on your computer. Or you can ask a computer and phone repair store to help you with the technical analysis of your computer. They will efficiently look through your computer to detect any malware or viruses and help you accordingly.


These are some of the great solutions you can consider for fixing the freezing issue of your computer while gaming. Make sure to try out these solutions and see if they help so that you can enjoy a smooth gaming experience. The best thing is to choose only gaming computers for gaming to enjoy an interrupted gaming experience. Even after using the solutions mentioned above, if you still face the PC freezing issue, contact us in Jacksonville for technical help. Boss City Depot Inc is a popular computer repair service provider ensuring you can enjoy using your computer without any trouble. Let us know your computer-related problems, and we would love to help.