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Boss City Depot is the best place to repair phones, tablets, laptops, and other digital devices. We have spent years in the market and have created a team of professionals who know all ins and outs of most gadgets used by the people of Jacksonville. That ensures we’re a top services provider for computer, tablet, laptop, and iPhone repairs.

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We Offer

iPhone Repair Services

We cover every component and feature of your iPhone, ensuring that all its software and hardware issues are resolved efficiently.

iPhone Front Screen Replacement

We currently offer Front Screen Replacements for iPhone 5- iPhone 13 pro Max. Each Repair may take 10minutes-1 hour if repairs are scheduled Online.
$59.99 – $499.99

iPhone Replacement Speaker, Battery

We offer repairs & replacement on all iPhones that are not Front Screen or Back Glass related. Each price depends on the severity of the damage.

$49.99 – 199.99

iPhone Back Glass Replacement

We currently offer Back Glass Replacements for iPhone X – iPhone 13 Pro-Max. Each Repair may take 2-3 hours if repairs are scheduled Online.
$99.99 – $149.99

Phone Unlocking Services

Is your phone locked to a carrier? Let us unlock it for you for as low as $65. Unlock the device and get the maximum use out of your investment.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We guarantee all repairs or purchases from the Boss City Depot are covered for any internal damage for three months*.

*The repair warranty does not cover cracked, broken, or water-damaged phones.

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Unprofessional.UNPROFESSIONAL Had me wait 4 hours for an unpromised screen. Still my phone is broke & refused to call & update me !…… I waisted gas making three blank trips for an update on a screen that was “on the way” which I didn’t find out was on the way until after my first hour wait/ trip ! & still was “on the way” my last trip! Just Sad 😠 waited all day for nothing ….it’s just a 6s for my daughter birthday today geshhh she will not have it today now! Thank you 🙄👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽
Roniesha (Keke)
Roniesha (Keke)
Did a awesome job. They Fixed my screen. Phone looks so much better. Good customer service.
Love boss city I’ve purchased 2 Apple watches and had them fix multiple phones always a fast turn around…these young men are really inspirational ❤️
andrea grant
andrea grant
Phone Depot helped me out by saving the cost of replacing a part and just cleaning it out, thanks for helping out
Rio Da Beatmonster
Rio Da Beatmonster
My phone volume came back broke they gave me a different phone screen for mine in no screws
nyzaeey jakeyup
nyzaeey jakeyup
Good ,very happy with the service
Kurt Bell
Kurt Bell
I bought a 2020 MacBook Pro from Boss City and I was in and out of the store with ease. These workers are all dedicated to making their customers happy. I’d be glad to do business with them again.
Haze Beltz
Haze Beltz