Computer Replace or Repair which is better

Computer Replacement or Repair which is Better

The most often question we get asked at our computer repair in Jacksonville is whether they should fix or replace their computer.

This question is particularly pertinent because:

  • The ongoing decrease in new computer buying costs;
  • Consequently, more reasonably priced new devices are now available.
  • And the price of fixing your computer must be considered against this.

We always provide an honest response to this query:

  1. We want to avoid being in a situation where you spend money on an expensive hardware replacement for an outdated system just to find out that another part needs to be changed a few months later.
  2. Therefore, even though we are in the computer repair business, we do not repair computers when doing so is not in your best interest.
  3. Honesty is essential to the success of our company. On some occasions, we suggest clients refrain from having their computers repaired. This may be upsetting news for many people, but ultimately it is up to you.

Here are all the benefits and drawbacks to help you choose whether to fix or replace your computer.

Repair or Replace – Your Choice

Ultimately, there is no right or wrong decision; it is up to you. We are delighted to give you advice based on our experience fixing computers and our understanding of the newest machines available.

One of Jacksonville’s best repair shops, Boss City Depot has been serving the locals for more than six years and has earned a reputation for offering reasonable prices on high-quality repairs. In addition to replacing screens and batteries, we also fix water damage and provide various other services. Our skilled experts are here to assist you, and our phone repair services are created to match your needs.

Pros of Buying a New Computer

  • When was your computer made? – Generally, it is time to decide whether to repair or replace equipment if it is older than five years.
  • If you solve your current issue, computers older than five years will require additional repairs. If there is a substantial potential for more significant components to fail, we prefer to avoid taking on a major repair task for a case. This might require a second set of substantial repairs. In this case, fixing the computer can be more expensive than buying a new one.
  • Suppose your basic computer needs significant repairs, including the replacement of parts like the motherboard and CPU (which can cost between $500 and $600). In that case, the cost may be comparable to (or even exceed, in the case of laptops), the price of a brand-new entry-level computer.
  • Of course, the likelihood of a repair that is a more economical remedy is higher the less serious the issue is. An illustration would be if your repair necessitated installing the operating system and device drivers from scratch, typically costing roughly $300.
  • Given the greater replacement cost for higher specs and thus more expensive computers, the cost of repairs, even a significant repair job, is more likely to be justified.
  • Your computer’s performance may be improved, and it may be faster if it’s newer.


  • It would be better to repair rather than replace your computer if you have a reasonably new machine, and the repair cost is minimal because it is a straightforward fix.
  • Repairing may be your most cost-effective option if you have a high-end computer and a high replacement cost.

Pros of Computer Repair in Jacksonville

Choosing whether to fix or replace your machine is not a simple choice.

  • We offer computer repair services for a very reasonable and competitive $150 per hour rate (parts are extra if required).
  • No matter how long it takes to fix your machine, we charge at most 3 hours of labor. Please be aware that this applies to any repairs done in our store.
  • Within our mobile repair service region, there are no additional fees or “minimum one-hour repair charge” for mobile repairs.

Taste of Replacing Your Computer

  • For you, we can custom-build a PC that completely meets your requirements. We get to know you personally, look at how you already use computers, talk about your expected future needs, and then we can give you a high-quality machine with all the programs installed and the data transferred.
  • We choose all components for the PCs we manufacture with longevity, reliability, and cost-effectiveness in mind. Each component has a separate factory warranty.
  • We can set up your new machine so that it nearly resembles your old PC and is immediately usable.
  • If you feel the most current Windows operating system differs from your taste, we can install earlier versions of Windows if you choose.
  • We can advise you on the brand and type of laptop or PC that best fits your needs while offering the best value for the money currently on the market.

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